NationBuilder Books is an independent press that publishes leadership-related titles, memoirs, business books, and select how-to guides. We do not publish fiction, poetry, children's or young adult literature, or plays.

Our editors are looking for books that are grounded in story, but that will make a significant contribution to the discussion around what leadership looks like in a connected humanity. It is recommended that persons who intend to submit a query should familiarize themselves with NationBuilder Books’s publications as well as NationBuilder’s philosophy before submitting.

Authors wishing to submit a query should include:

  • A one-page cover letter containing relevant autobiographical information about the author and a short description of the manuscript

  • A list of the author's published works, if available

  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for reply, if submitted in hard copy
Contact us:
NationBuilder Books
520 S. Grand Ave., Second Floor
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All material published by NationBuilder Books is protected under copyright law. Written permission is required if you wish to reproduce any material.

Requests must include all relevant information for the selection: book title, author, page number(s), title of poem or chapter (if relevant). We will also need information on your planned publication: the title, author or editor, publisher, proposed publication date, price, the edition's print run, the territories in which you plan to sell your book, and a return mailing address. You may include other information as you see fit.

It will take approximately two months to receive a response to your request. We ask that you submit your request as early in your editorial process as possible. We prefer requests to be emailed. Each request is evaluated on an individual basis. In most cases, a permission fee will be charged. Please submit your permissions inquiries to .

Desk & examination copies

When requesting a desk copy please submit — from an official university email account, and in the body of the email — the name of the professor, course name, and expected enrollment, as well as the title, author, and 13-digit ISBN of book you would like a copy of. Allow up to three weeks for these requests to be processed. No attachments, please.

Please submit your requests to: .


To request advance or review copies of any of our titles, please include your affiliation and provide online links to your work (if available). We try to fulfill these requests as quickly as possible, and will let you know if we have any questions.

Book stores

NationBuilder Books handles the distribution of its own titles.